Chester County Coed Softball League
March 29, 2023



CCCESL is 44 Years Old!
Legendary Greg Holton manning the SS area for many years.
The Chester County Coed Softball League is one of the oldest organized softball leagues in the southeastern Pennsylvania region. The purpose of the league was to provide quality adult recreation in the form of a fun, yet competitive softball league. Local businesses, primarily from areas around West Chester and Exton, Pa., would create teams and financially sponsor their employees to participate in league softball games. The Chester County Coed Softball League had a modest beginning in 1978, when employees from Hamilton Bank in Exton, Pa. challenged employees from Roy F. Weston, Inc. in West Chester, Pa. to a softball game. This first game was played on Ashbridge Field just outside of West Chester, Pa. on ground owned by Thomas Burneson. In 1979, four teams joined Hamilton Bank and Roy F. Weston to create a six-team league. The following year, the league expanded to ten teams that were all aligned within one large division. Many of the early games were played on Ashbridge Field, the former Embryville State Hospital grounds near Marshallton, Pa., Schrammís Field adjacent to West Chester Henderson High School in West Chester, Pa., and the Borough of West Chesterís Green Field near West Chester University. At this time, formal rules were established and distributed to the various managers and their associated teams. The most significant rule was that each team had to play three women at all times both in the field and in the batting rotation. Other established rules included a six to twelve foot pitch arc, a line-up consisting of a minimum of eight players, and a 15-run mercy rule after five innings. Members of each participating team umpired games, with the home plate umpire usually provided by the home team
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