Chester County Coed Softball League
August 17, 2019





           Players must play in 5 games to be playoff eligible

There will be three separate playoffs: Northern, Southern and Eastern Division. For the Southern and Eastern division playoffs, there will be a double elimination tournament. For the Northern division playoffs, the top six (6) teams will make the playoffs.

Tiebreakers for seedings are as follows:
  1. Head to head record
  2. Head to head run differential
  3. Overall run differential (maximum 10 run win - ARD on standings page)
  4. Overall minimum runs allowed.

A coin flip will be used in situations not covered by the above tiebreakers

In the case of a three or more team tiebreaker, once the tie is broken, the winning team is removed and the remaining teams start the tiebreaker from the beginning (head-to-head record).

For All Divisions - Top 4 Seeds
Semifinals(best of 3)
  • #1 seed vs #4 seed (best of three)
  • #2 seed vs #3 seed (best of three)
    Championship (best of 3)
  • #1/#4 winner vs #2/#3 winner (best of three)

    All Remaining Teams
    Double elimination tournament for secondary flight winner for each division

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