Chester County Coed Softball League
December 14, 2018


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West Chester Orthodontics

Team Information
Division: Eastern
Record: 12 - 4  (0.750)

Next Opponent
No game scheduled

Last Five Games
11/8/2018FOP Lodge 11/Side Bar L 3-6
11/2/2018Wolves W 10-0
11/1/2018Long and Foster L 1-12
10/30/2018Appetites on Main W 17-4
10/22/2018 @Wolves W 19-1

2018 Team Schedule
Thu 9/20/2018 Finesse Flooring 8:30pLOW W 15-0
Mon 10/1/2018 Long and Foster 7:15pUPP W 11-10
Tue 10/2/2018 Wolves 8:30pLOW W 11-7
Fri 10/5/2018 @Christopher’s Cure 7:15pUPP W 11-9
Fri 10/5/2018 Christopher’s Cure 8:30pUPP L 3-13
Tue 10/9/2018 @Appetites on Main 8:30pUPP W 19-0
Wed 10/10/2018 FOP Lodge 11/Side Bar 8:30pLOW W 15-6
Fri 10/12/2018 @Long and Foster 8:30pUPP L 1-14
Tue 10/16/2018 Appetites on Main 8:30pLOW W 10-0
Thu 10/18/2018 @FOP Lodge 11/Side Bar 7:15pUPP W 9-6
Thu 10/18/2018 @Finesse Flooring 8:30pUPP W 15-1
Mon 10/22/2018 @Wolves 8:30pUPP W 19-1
Tue 10/30/2018 Appetites on Main 8:30pUPP W 17-4
Thu 11/1/2018 Long and Foster 7:15pUPP L 1-12
Fri 11/2/2018 Wolves 8:30pLOW W 10-0
Thu 11/8/2018 FOP Lodge 11/Side Bar 7:15pUPP L 3-6

2018 Fall Roster
*Apple, Mike
*Applebaum, Liz
*Beaver, Maryann
*Bender, Greg
*Bollenbach, Jon
*Brennan, Sean
*Calhoon, Lisa
*Calhoon, Sean
Caso, Ryan
Dougherty, Jay
Esposito, Melissa
*Flannery, Jenn
*Flannery, Sean
Hoffman, Pat
Kearns, Richie
*Keeley, Rich
*Kidd, Pete
*Lauth, Chase
*Lutz, Lucas
*Nagy, Tom
*Nash, Cody
*Noles, Steve
O’connor, Tim
O’keefe, Jodie
*O’Keefe, Kevin
O’Neil, Dave
*Osenbach, Tom
*Puccino, Anthony
*Salamon, Nancy
*Watson, Greg
*Wood, Kevin
x Playoff Eligible
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