Chester County Coed Softball League
January 31, 2023


 2022 FALL
 2022 SPRING

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Team Information
Division: Eastern
Record: 6 - 7  (0.462)

Next Opponent
No game scheduled

Last Five Games
11/18/2022 @Keystone Volvo L 5-12
11/18/2022 @Keystone Volvo L 4-14
11/17/2022United Tire of West Chester W -
11/3/2022 @United Tire of West Chester W 22-3
10/27/2022 @Crowlers L 11-12

2022 Team Schedule
Thu 9/15/2022 @Fuzzy Butts R Us 8:05pUPP W 21-0
Thu 9/15/2022 M-A-S-H 9:05pUPP W 10-3
Thu 9/22/2022 Appetites on Main 8:05pLOW W 11-1
Thu 9/22/2022 @M-A-S-H 9:15pLOW L 10-17
Thu 9/29/2022 Saloon151/STA 8:05pUPP L 2-13
Thu 9/29/2022 @Ellis Investment Partners 9:20pUPP L 7-12
Thu 10/20/2022 Fuzzy Butts R Us 8:05pUPP L 1-15
Thu 10/27/2022 @M-A-S-H 8:05pLOW W 11-3
Thu 10/27/2022 @Crowlers 9:20pLOW L 11-12
Thu 11/3/2022 @United Tire of West Chester 9:20pUPP W 22-3
Thu 11/17/2022 United Tire of West Chester 8:35aUPP W -
Fri 11/18/2022 @Keystone Volvo 6:15aLOW L 4-14
Fri 11/18/2022 @Keystone Volvo 7:35aLOW L 5-12

2022 Fall Roster
Chamness, Greg
Dertouzos, Catherine
Dragwa, Lenny
Falls, Jeff
Frayne, Phil
Hallman, Kyle
Kiwis, Joel
Lichty, Steve
Mcginley, Joe
Mejias, Joey
Mize, Selena
Murray, Tara
Nemeth, Joe
Perez, Cody
Rogers, Kris
Rogers, Kyle
Rubendall, Chris
Scheckner, Jeff
Sipos, Cory
Tracey, Josh
Varich, Jerry
Violette, Adam
Violette, Evan
Wallace, Erin
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