Chester County Coed Softball League
December 2, 2023


 2022 FALL
 2022 SPRING

Sons of Pitches

Team Information
Division: Western
Record: 9 - 1  (0.900)

Next Opponent
No game scheduled

Last Five Games
10/25/2022 @Ball Breakers W 17-6
10/18/2022Grand Slam Equestrian W 21-11
10/18/2022 @Grand Slam Equestrian W 21-1
10/11/2022 @Just Here For The Beer L 5-15
10/11/2022Just Here For The Beer W 7-3

2022 Team Schedule
Tue 9/13/2022 The Stone Tavern 9:15pUPP W 11-6
Tue 9/20/2022 @Coldcuts 8:05pLOW W 19-5
Tue 9/20/2022 Ball Breakers 9:15pLOW W 15-1
Tue 9/27/2022 Coldcuts 8:05pLOW W 18-8
Tue 9/27/2022 Just Here For The Beer 9:05pUPP W 13-13
Tue 10/11/2022 Just Here For The Beer 8:05pLOW W 7-3
Tue 10/11/2022 @Just Here For The Beer 9:20pLOW L 5-15
Tue 10/18/2022 @Grand Slam Equestrian 8:05pLOW W 21-1
Tue 10/18/2022 Grand Slam Equestrian 9:20pLOW W 21-11
Tue 10/25/2022 @Ball Breakers 8:05pLOW W 17-6

2022 Fall Roster
Butz, Tyler
Calabro, Christoper
Coghlan, Kevin
Donahue, Brendan
Higgins, Alissa
Johnson, Bryce
Lightcap, Grace
Mcdonald, Joey
Menold, Sean
Monahan, Katie
Phillips, Steve
Salvey, Chris
Sortino, Vince
Sottung, Nate
Stirling, Amber
Sunderland, Meg
Walton, Brooke
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